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Debunking Myths about Purchasing Replacement Windows in Glendale

While many house owners have the desire to purchase new windows in Glendale, they are hesitant due to common misconceptions and myths. Here are some common myths about replacement windows and why they are untrue:
Myth 1:  Replacement Windows Ruin the Existing Structure of the House
This is generally not the case as skilled and competent installers can install new windows without damaging the existing structure of the house. In addition, due to the extensive range of window styles available, customers are free to choose a style that will enhance the visual appeal of their home.
Myth 2: Windows Do Not Have an Effect on Energy Efficiency
Due to technological advancements, experts have successfully designed energy efficient windows using high-quality materials. Customers can now say goodbye to skyrocketing electricity bills by investing in energy efficient windows. 
Myth 3: Windows Are Expensive and Thus Not Worth It
Several companies offer high quality affordable windows. Browse the internet for specials and discounts. We, here at Intex, like to keep our customers happy and frequently announce promotion offers.
Myth 4: Wood Is the Only Option When It Comes To Windows
Apart from wood, you can opt for materials such as aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass. Fiberglass is the perfect option as it has similar thermal properties to wood and is stronger and durable.
So, what are you waiting for? Shop at Intex and take advantage of special deals and discounts we offer.